Sea Soul Blessings mini book (digital download)

may the sea be your guide

A digital only download of the Sea Soul Blessings mini book: use on its own for simple inspiration, or to accompany a set of Sea Soul Blessings cards.

This tiny 60 page Sea Soul Blessings book is stuffed full of sea wisdom, yet fits gently into the palm of your hand, snugly into your pocket, or neatly into a drawstring organza bag...

Even without a set of Sea Soul Blessings cards, this lovely book offers immense value and insight - simply scroll through its pages and notice which message calls to you from the sea today.

Please note: this is a digital download of the mini book (NOT a printed copy of the book). When you download this file, you can access it from your own digital device straight away, or print a PDF of the book off for yourself at home.

Buying the book this way avoids incurring any additional production or delivery costs, making it the most environmentally friendly way to enjoy a taste of sea wisdom. We also make a donation to environmental causes from every mini book sold.

Top tip: to fully enjoy its tiny-ness, you could print the book in landscape format as 16 mini pages per A4 sheet, and you'll print the whole book in just 4 pages....

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3.86MB PDF Download

GBP 5.00

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