Sea Soul Blessings - ebook

Daily life refreshment, inspired by the sea

A digital download of the Sea Soul Blessings' pocket-sized guidebook: an inspiring dive into the Sea Soul Blessings' affirming messages, blue mindfulness and self compassion.

A portable ocean oracle: this 60 page Sea Soul Blessings guidebook is brimming with transformative sea wisdom - and you can read it straight away as a digital download.

You can use this healing and empowering book with a set of Sea Soul Blessings cards or on its own. Even without the cards, this intuitive guidebook offers encouragement, wonder and insight - simply scroll through its pages and notice which message calls to you from the ocean today.

Wherever you are, this book transports you to the sea, and deepens your connection to nature. Choose a daily blessing to increase your focus, compassion and courage - or share a reading with others to bring the sea to a special celebration.

Please note: this is NOT a printed copy of the book. When you download this file, you can access it straight away from your digital device, or print a PDF of the book off for yourself at home.

Buying a digital copy avoids additional production and delivery costs, making it the most environmentally friendly way to enjoy a taste of sea wisdom. We also make a donation of 10% to environmental causes from every mini book sold.

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