Sea Soul Blessings postcards (set of five: Shine, Free, Believe, Fluid, Enough)

may the sea be your guide

Pack one: five inspiring love-filled postcards that share some of the sea wisdom of the Sea Soul Blessings card and book.

Each postcard is a little bit of sea soul magic.

Pop one in the post to someone you love to offer them some extra encouragement and a reminder of our shared connection to the sea.

Or use them whenever you need some extra love and encouragement yourself. They're perfect for sticking somewhere that you will see the blessing when you need it most... on the mirror, on the wall, as a bookmark, on the cover of your journal, the possibilities are endless...

We also make a donation to environmental causes from every set of postcards sold.

The five postcards included in this pack are:

May you shine

May you be free

May you believe

May you be fluid

May you be enough

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