Sea Seekers postcard prints - set 2 (pack of five)

share the sea

Five inspirational postcard prints

Soothing and encouraging, these postcard-sized prints are a meaningful (and easy to post) gift to inspire and support loved ones in these challenging times.

Beautiful and inspirational, you can frame and display them together or individually, post one (or a whole set) to a loved one - and even use them as a mini deck for daily inspiration.

Show them off, share them and use them to…

  • Connect to the sea
  • Find calm in moments of stress and overwhelm
  • Tend to yourself with kindness
  • Bring a positive focus to your day
  • Create mindful pauses and soothing spaces
  • Find fresh inspiration
  • Bring the ocean into your home, office, studio, or other special space.

These postcard prints are tactile and uplifting, luxurious in look and feel, and provide an easy way to stay in touch with those you love.

Each card is a little bit of sea soul magic. The sea image brings the ocean and its soothing wisdom to life. While the empowering message encourages you gently forward.

The five postcards included in this pack are:

  • May you believe
  • May you be courageous
  • May you be enough
  • May you feel compassion
  • May you shine

Slightly larger than standard postcard size, the matte images are digitally printed on high quality 100% recycled card stock.

Gift-wrapped in pale blue tissue, and sealed with an eco-friendly "sea seeker" sticker, your cards will arrive in a recycled and reusable cardboard envelope.

We also make a donation to environmental causes with every set of Sea Soul postcards - so with every purchase, you're helping to save the oceans we all love.

To give you a flavour of the card's messages, here are some examples of below:

May you be courageous:


The sea wills you to see your strength in every wave that breaks in your path. It proves your resilience with challenges to extend your bravery, stroke by stroke. It asks how far you will go in pursuit of yourself, towards all you can become.

May you be enough:


The sea tends to its boundaries. It offers ample opportunity for all, and yet is beholden to no one. In understanding its innate sufficiency, it releases you of any need to prove your own worth. It invites you to revel in being exactly as you are.

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