Sea Soul Insight - personal audio recording

An individual one card audio reading from Sea Soul Blessings' ocean oracle cards, drawn and interpreted by our founder, Pippa Best.

Pippa intuitively selects a Sea Soul Blessings card and records a unique personalised audio reading for you. Each insightful reading contains an empowering and compassionate message from the ocean: the card's original words and blessings, and Pippa's deeper interpretation of the card's Sea Soul wisdom for you at this time. If you choose to submit a question for your reading, Pippa's thoughtful guidance will also reflect on this.

When you or a loved one need some extra encouragement and mindful guidance, a Sea Soul Insight offers a moment of peace, connection and faith in yourself that ripples out into the rest of life. A thoughtful and inspiring gift for yourself or a friend - for a fresh start, a new decision, a special occasion, or any moment in which life feels overwhelming or unclear.

  • Clarifying and encouraging life guidance, inspired by the sea
  • A one card reading from the Sea Soul Blessings deck of cards
  • A personalised 2 to 4 minute audio file recording
  • Audio file sent to you by email within 3 days of purchase.
  • 10% of your donation goes to environmental causes

To purchase, click on ‘view product’, enter your donation amount in the ‘pay as you want’ box, and click on ‘buy now’.

“WOW WOW WOW I AM BLOWN AWAY! Pure magic came from you! I probably don’t have the depth of vocabulary to adequately express how your reading was dead on perfect! Eerily so! And your warmth, kindness, and immense goodness radiate throughout! HUGE WOW!” Tiana


This offering is paid by donation, allowing you to pay whatever you are able to afford right now. The suggested guide price for a single card reading is £11. If you are able to invest more, you will be helping to subsidise the cost for those who are able to invest less, helping us to ripple out the sea soul magic to all that need it.



Sometimes those we love need some extra encouragement.

A Sea Soul Insight can be a powerful way to soothe and support them from a distance, reminding them that they are seen and loved.

When you purchase a Sea Soul Insight, you will be able to download a gift voucher to print or forward to your loved one by email.

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