Inspiration for Sea Souls: gift tin with 20 postcard prints 

a meaningful gift for sea lovers

Twenty inspirational sea prints in a keepsake tin

The ultimate "inspiration for sea souls" gift set includes

  • 10 x Sea Seekers postcard prints
  • 10 x Be Kind to Yourself postcard prints
  • A beach-worthy Sea Soul keepsake tin

Inspired by creator Pippa Best's experiences of sea swimming in Cornwall, these postcard-sized prints are a perfectly-packaged treasure trove of ocean inspiration for the wild swimmer, sea-lover or watery adventurer in your life.

Striking images in soothing ocean tones of blue, grey and turquoise - accented with a splash of light and colour - are combined with empowering messages to encourage you gently forward, transporting you to time spent in and around the magic of the sea.

The images of the two sets are designed to work together, so if you have both sets, you'll be able to find some beautiful combinations to display.

The textured keepsake tin and the two sets of postcard prints are deliciously tactile and beautifully designed. Soothing and encouraging, this is a meaningful gift to inspire and support others (or yourself!) through these challenging times - one that will be treasured and used over and over again.

How to use your sea soul inspiration set

Display or frame these beautiful encouraging cards individually or together to create soothing spaces. Keep them in the tin and use them for daily guidance; or post them to loved ones to give them a boost...

You can use them to:

  • Connect to the sea
  • Find calm in moments of stress and overwhelm
  • Bring a positive focus to your day
  • Tend to yourself with kindness
  • Find clarity and a fresh inspiration
  • Create mindful pauses in your day
  • Bring the ocean into your home, office, studio, or other special space.

Which postcard prints are in the tin?

The ultimate "inspiration for sea souls" gift set includes all of the postcard prints we've made - that's two sets of ten complementary postcard prints - twenty prints in total.

Each of two different editions (Be Kind to Yourself, and Sea Seekers) offers its own interpretation of the following 10 postcard prints:

  • May you pause
  • May you allow
  • May you release
  • May you be resilient
  • May you find joy
  • May you believe
  • May you be enough
  • May you feel compassion
  • May you be courageous
  • May you shine

What's the difference between the two sets?

The Sea Seekers edition features thoughtful sea wisdom from the Sea Soul Blessings cards - evocative descriptions of the sea's many lessons. For example:

May you feel compassion

Whipped into squalls, the sea can be merciless and cruel. Calm, it can embrace your entirety. Both love and fear can bring appreciation of your own vulnerability, and a desire to alleviate suffering.

May you feel joy

Whether you find joy in the sea’s spacious beauty, its calls to playfulness, connection, freedom, faith or belonging, or in the exhilarating vitality of your own survival, the sea reminds you to pursue what lights you up.

While the Be Kind to Yourself edition brings a complementary image, and a series of encouraging blessings, wishes or affirmations. This set can be used to soothe anxiety and create a daily self compassion, meditation or journalling practice to boost inner peace and kindness.

For example:

May you feel compassion

May you perceive the vulnerability of others. May your heart expand. May you tend to yourself with endless kindness. May you love through all weather.

May you feel joy

May your pleasure be easy. May your smile be wide and your laughter fulsome. May your happiness cast joyful ripples, great circles of delight that journey far.


Slightly larger than standard postcard size, the matte images are digitally printed on high quality 100% recycled card stock.

Made of gently textured tinplate, the tin has a hinged slip lid, and is approximately 17cm by 13 cm by 2 cm. Resilient and attractive, tin is also an eco-friendly packaging alternative to plastic.

We've sourced environmentally friendly materials to decorate the tin - our image here is printed on cane fibre biodegradable paper.

Inside the tin, your cards will be wrapped in pale blue tissue, and your cards will arrive in a recycled (and reusable) cardboard envelope.

What else might a sea lover like to know?

We make a 10% donation to environmental causes with every purchase, so you're already helping to save the oceans we all love so much.

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