Sea Soul Blessings - just the tube

Daily life refreshment, wherever you go

A carry-case for your set of Sea Soul Blessings cards

Due to popular request, you can now buy the cardboard tube on its own (without any Sea Soul Blessings cards included - the images here are just to show you how they fit).

If you already have a set of cards and would like a way to transport them easily in your pocket, and a fresh way to display them, this is the deliciously tactile tube for you...!

You can store your cards in your tube for easy access, and use the lid to display them and share with others.

  • Plastic-free wax-lined cardboard carry-case
  • Made of mostly recycled materials
  • Fully recyclable
  • Vegan
  • 10% of every purchase donated to environmental causes

The decorative sticker is printed on recycled paper. The tube is made using eco-friendly glue, the internal cardboard core from 100% recycled materials, and the external paper wrap from sustainable virgin pulp. The tubes are wax-lined which offers a little bit of protection for your cards inside if the box is splashed (it won't survive a soaking though!)

For the ultimate cards-on-the-go experience, you could get a digital copy of the book to keep on your phone, so it's always handy too!

If you're looking for the set of cards in a tube, you can find that here.

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GBP 5.00

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