Mini Sea Soul Journals (individual notebooks)

Capture ocean memories and inspiration

Pocket-sized mini journal

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A pocket-sized Sea Soul Journal for capturing special moments by the sea.  Or planning your next beach adventure...

  • Easy to post when you want to send more than a card to a friend

  • Perfect for creating gratitude lists and capturing precious moments

  • Travel-sized for ocean adventures

  • Inspires moments of peaceful creativity

  • A reminder to pause and connect to the sea - and to yourself

This Sea Soul Journal has 32 blank pages of natural ivory 140gsm cartridge paper inside. It's soft to touch and perfect for journaling, doodling, or drawing. The cover is a heavyweight 365gsm 100% recycled card.

The cover of each journal features the "Sea Soul Journal" logo and a Sea Soul Blessings quote (see list below):

Sea Whispers: When I'm quite by the sea, she whispers salty truths to me

Hope: Hope is a longing for the ocean, your inner knowing that the tides will turn

Stretch: The sea calls us into the space between our desire to change and our capacity to stretch

Awe: In the quiet and the roar, the ocean anchors us in awe.

We donate 10% of every sale to environmental causes.

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