Sea Soul Blessings mini book (hard copy)

may the sea be your guide

A hard copy of the Sea Soul Blessings pocket book: use on its own for simple inspiration, or to accompany a set of Sea Soul Blessings cards.

This tiny and light 60 page book is stuffed full of sea wisdom, and yet fits snugly into your pocket.

All of the Sea Soul Blessing cards are described in the book: it includes a deeper interpretation and a circle of additional blessings for each of these.

It also shares some ideas for ways to start using your cards - to guide you to move forward, and as a tool to create your own simple daily self-compassion practice.

This little book complements the full set of cards, furthering your understanding of these, but it also offers value and insight as a standalone resource.

If you don't have a set of Sea Soul Blessing cards, you could simply flick through the pages of this book to notice which message calls to you from the sea today.

We also make a donation to environmental causes from every book sold.

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