Sea Soul Blessings - book (hard copy)

Daily life refreshment, inspired by the sea. 

A mindful eco-friendly guidebook for sea-lovers - transformative ocean wisdom and compassionate daily prompts.

Brimming with empowering "blue mind" sea wisdom and inspirational prompts, this guidebook is perfect for sea-lovers, parents, healers, therapists and yoga practitioners alike. Fitting snugly in your pocket, it transports you to the sea and deepens your relationship with nature.

The Sea Soul Blessings guidebook describes each Sea Soul Blessing card, and explains how to use this rejuvenating ocean oracle - both as a mindful guide to help you move forward, and a tool to create your own simple daily self-compassion practice.

Sustainably made in the UK, the Sea Soul Blessings guidebook adds a splash of turquoise sea to your desk, studio, therapy room, altar or retreat. Inspiring you to find greater calm, presence, fluidity and kindness each day.

  • 60 page Sea Soul Blessings guide book
  • Entirely plastic-free
  • Made of 70% recycled materials
  • Fully recyclable
  • Vegan
  • 10% of every purchase donated to environmental causes

This meditative guidebook is designed to complement the Sea Soul Blessing cards, but it also offers value and insight as a standalone resource. If you don't have a set of cards, simply notice which page of the book calls to you from the sea today.

This thoughtful little gift for nature-lovers will be used and appreciated every single day. Give your loved ones - and yourself - a gift of vitamin sea.

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