A Tin of Sea Soul Journals

For creative souls who love the sea

Our 'Inspiration for Sea Souls' keepsake tin containing a mystery selection of 3 Sea Soul Journals, 5 Sea Soul Postcard Prints, and 5 Sea Soul Blessings mini cards

Your keepsake tin includes:

  • 3 Sea Soul Journals
  • 5 Sea Soul postcard prints
  • 5 mini Sea Soul Blessings cards

A gorgeous gift of inspiration for the creative sea-lover in your life. Or yourself of course!

Maybe you love journaling, drawing or doodling. Maybe you have a regular writing practice, and need pocket-sized journals on hand for whenever inspiration strikes. Maybe the beauty of time by the sea calls you to create.

This beautiful gift set contains three tantalising pocket-sized blank Sea Soul Journals - perfect for taking notes as you explore or dream of the beach.

Your ocean-inspired postcard prints are perfect for bringing the ocean to your studio or desk.

Display them in your creative art nook, and use their words and images as stimulating prompts.

You can use your mini Sea Soul Blessings cards to connect more deeply to the sea - within you and without.

Pop one in your purse or pocket as a reminder of a daily focus or ocean quality to seek out.

All of these treats come perfectly packed into our gorgeous Inspiration for Sea Souls keepsake tin. Which also happens to be relatively waterproof, and perfect for protecting your notes and storing your beach treasures...

Ocean guidance

I wanted to make the experience of opening your Sea Soul Journal Set as inspiring and magical as a trip to the sea. So the final selection of journals, postcard prints and cards for your tin will be chosen intuitively.

As you unpack this beautiful tin, you'll discover ocean words and images gathered together just for you.

(I'll be able to choose your 3 Sea Soul Journals from 5 possible designs. Your postcard prints will be drawn from one of 32 possible designs. And your mini Sea Soul Blessings cards from 51 possible cards. So... the inspirational possibilities are endless!)

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Plus, we donate 10% to environmental causes from every sale. So you're giving back to the sea as it inspires you.

Product specifications:

  • The Sea Soul Journal Set is plastic-free, and fully recyclable.
  • The journals have 32 pages and are made from recycled card and paper.
  • The postcard prints are either high quality fully recycled, partly recycled or FSC stock.
  • The mini cards are recycled card
  • The tin is fully recyclable. it has a hinged slip lid, and is approximately 17cm by 13 cm by 2 cm.
  • The sticker decorating the tin is printed on cane fibre biodegradable paper.

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