A Tin of Ocean Inspiration 

Ocean insights and encouragement in a tin

Our 'Inspiration for Sea Souls' keepsake tin, containing the Sea Soul Blessings book, plus a mystery selection of 5 Sea Soul Postcard Prints, a Sea Soul Journal, and 5 Sea Soul Blessings mini cards

Your keepsake tin includes:

  • The Sea Soul Blessings Book
  • 1 Sea Soul Journal
  • 5 Sea Soul postcard prints
  • 5 mini Sea Soul Blessings cards

This is a beautifully presented gift of encouragement and ocean inspiration for all those who love the sea.

Our pocket-sized Sea Soul Blessings book is stuffed full of vital and empowering lessons from the sea. Pick a message to encourage you to pause and reflect, support you to connect to the ocean, and inspire you forward each day.

Your pocket-sized blank Sea Soul journal is perfect for capturing inspiration wherever you are. While your postcard prints and mini cards offer extra encouragement as you connect to the sea's wisdom. Display them or pop one in your purse to inspire you as you go about your day, or share their messages with loved ones.

Think of your Tin of Ocean Inspiration as a mystery box of ocean wisdom, curated just for you...

...the selection of journal, postcard prints and cards for your tin will be chosen intuitively. So as you unpack this beautiful tin, you'll open up a selection of ocean wisdom and encouragement - gathered together just for you.

As always, we donate 10% to environmental causes from every sale. So you're also giving back to the sea.

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Product specifications:

  • The Sea Soul Journal Set is entirely plastic-free, and fully recyclable. Everything is printed in small batches, as sustainably as we can.
  • The Sea Soul Blessings book is 60 pages long, and made of mostly recycled paper.
  • The Sea Soul Journal is A6, 32 pages in total, and is made from recycled card and paper.
  • The postcard prints are digitally printed on fully recycled, partly recycled, or FSC stock.
  • The mini cards are laminate-free recycled card
  • The tin is fully recyclable. it has a hinged slip lid, and is approximately 17cm by 13 cm by 2 cm.
  • The sticker decorating the tin is printed on cane fibre biodegradable paper.

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GBP 19.00

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